Working Papers

Working Papers Revised & Resubmitted To Peer-Reviewed Journals

1. Attanasi, G., Boun My, K., Guido, A. and M. Lefebvre (2020), Controlling Monopoly Power in a Double-Auction Market Experiment, GREDEG Working Paper 2020-06, Université Côte d’Azur (R&R, 2nd revision: Journal of Public Economic Theory, CNRS rang 2).

2. Attanasi, G., Centorrino, S. and E. Manzoni (2020), Zero-Intelligence vs. Human Agents: An Experimental Analysis of the Efficiency of Double Auctions and Over-the-Counter Markets of Varying Sizes, GREDEG Working Paper 2020-10, Université Côte d’Azur (R&R, 2nd revision: Journal of Public Economic Theory, CNRS rang 2).

3. García-Gallego, A., Georgantzis, N., Jaber-López, T., and G. Michailidou (2020), Audience Effects and Other-Regarding Preferences Against Corruption: Experimental Evidence, Burgundy School of Business Working Paper Dijon (R&R, 3rd revision : Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, CNRS rang 2).

Working Papers Submitted To Peer-Reviewed Journals

4. Attanasi, G., Bucciol, A., Cicognani, S. and N. Montinari (2020), The Italian North-South Divide in Perceived Dishonesty: A Matter of Trust?, GREDEG Working Paper 2020-05, Université Côte d’Azur.

5. Attanasi G., Chessa M., Ciucani C., Gil Gallen S. (2020), Children’s GrI-creativity: Effects of limited resources in creative drawing, GREDEG Working Paper 2020-34.

6. Attanasi, G., Dessí, R., Moisan, F. and D. Robertson (2019), Public goods and future audiences: acting as role models?, GREDEG Working Papers 2019-27, Université Côte d’Azur.

Working Papers Under Submission To Peer-Reviewed Journals

7. Attanasi, G., Rimbaud, C. and M.-C. Villeval (2020), Guilt Aversion in (New) Games: the Role of Vulnerability, GREDEG Working Paper 2020-15, Université Côte d’Azur.

8. Attanasi G., Chessa M., Gil Gallen S. and P. Llerena, (2020) A Survey on Experimental Elicitation of Creativity in Economics, GREDEG Working Paper 2020-20

9. Attanasi, G., Curci, Y., Llerena, P. and G. Urso (2019), Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Motivators on Creative Collaboration: The Effect of Sharing Rewards, GREDEG Working Papers 2019-20.

10. Attanasi, G., Curci, Y., Llerena, P., Pinate, A. C., del Pino Ramos-Sosa, M. and G. Urso (2019), Looking at Creativity from East to West: Risk Taking and Intrinsic Motivation in Socially and Culturally Diverse Countries, GREDEG Working Papers 2019-21.

11. Herranz-Zarzoso, N., Georgantzis, N. and G. Sabater-Grande (2020), Self-selection bias in a field experiment: recruiting subjects under different payment schemes, Burgundy School of Business Working Paper Dijon.

12. Karamanos, A., Agolli, R., Vasileiou, E., and N. Georgantzis (2020), Configural examinations of structural properties of firm’s alliance networks for exploratory innovation during an era of ferment: an fsQCA analysis, Burgundy School of Business Working Paper Dijon.

13. Karamanos, A., Vasileiou, E. and N. Georgantzis (2020), Insights from understanding entrepreneurial intention amongst students across Balkan countries, Burgundy School of Business Working Paper Dijon.

14. Xefteris, D., Barreda-Tarrazona, I., Garcia-Gallego, A. and N. Georgantzis (2020), Catalog Competition: Equilibrium characterization and experimental evidence, Burgundy School of Business Working Paper Dijon.

15. Guido A., Martinez-Marquina A. and Rholes R. (2020), Information Asymmetry and Beliefs Reveal Self Interest Not Fairness, GREDEG Working Paper 2020-53, Université Côte d’Azur